Role of social media in brand building

Unfortunately, the tendency of certain short-sighted entrepreneurs is: ‘If I build it (online presence), user will come and things will simply take care of themselves!’ If you ask me, things never pan out that way. Users won’t be dropping in or won’t be sticking around for long, if you are not giving them what they want or expect. Continue reading

Common mistakes marketers should avoid on Facebook

In this frantic and highly frenzied information era, it’s not a pleasant situation for a business to misfire its marketing missile with its branded Facebook Page. But that does happen more often than not, albeit inadvertently! Even known corporate houses take social networking lightly, consider it secondary, and suffer because of such casual attitude. They treat channels like Facebook as optional letting their social communications fall in the hands of inexperienced people, who tend to ignore basics, which can lead to poor customer engagement. Continue reading

What defines crux of your social media strategy?

When it comes to conceiving and implementing an action plan for social media marketing, your team needs to be smart and nimble enough so as to delineate the several crucial, albeit finer ingredients for addressing a vast audience base. What are those vital elements that make for a holistic social media strategy? Continue reading

Social media and the role of word of mouth

In the competitive online realm, smaller business entities tend to draw a major chunk of their loyal customer base largely through word of mouth. They rely on the buzz generated by any dynamic form of interaction on popular networking platforms. Based on a constant interaction with the prospects, and by seeking their inputs as well as feedback, marketers can grasp the sentiment prevailing within the target community. Here are some important factors that further emphasize the link between social media and the role of word of mouth: Continue reading

Tips to establish your brand’s social identity

You cannot afford to ignore the changed mindset of today’s consumers, who are empowered by the reach and dynamism of social media. So the crux of your marketing strategy must be to prompt them to identity with your brand, so that they are encouraged to buy your products or services. Continue reading

Role of social networks in creating business opportunities

Today almost every corporate entity irrespective of its size and domain invariably considers usage of social channels to give an added edge to their promotional strategy. Facebook and Twitter have now become integral parts of business marketing plans. Leveraging the new media has been the focal point of discussions amongst organizations. Continue reading

Striking smart deals sans ‘holiday’ crowd rush

Social platforms are playing a key role in driving sales this holiday season. Well thought campaigns have helped boost margins for retailers. They realize that a growing number of shoppers now seek the deals sans Black Friday rush even while staying in touch with the friends in their network, to stay tuned to latest trends and offers. Continue reading

Facebook fancies its growth prospects in India

Given its immense potential, India is among the immediate priority markets for the digital and traditional media organizations. Tapping into the hinterland of vast India, the real heart of India, is indeed a big leap for Facebook, among the world’s most popular social networks on which members exchange messages, music and videos. Continue reading