What defines crux of your social media strategy?

When it comes to conceiving and implementing an action plan for social media marketing, your team needs to be smart and nimble enough so as to delineate the several crucial, albeit finer ingredients for addressing a vast audience base. What are those vital elements that make for a holistic social media strategy? Continue reading

Why must you make an emphatic social statement?

An assumption that social Media hardly needs a strategy or it can be used sporadically, in an on-and-off manner is prevalent. This is not the way to harness social media’s unbounded reach. Instead the thrust should be on an innovative and consistent approach. Your brand will not be able to grab their attention if you stay away. Unfortunately, some businesses shun social media, believing any negative publicity on it will damage their business reputation. Continue reading

Social media and the role of word of mouth

In the competitive online realm, smaller business entities tend to draw a major chunk of their loyal customer base largely through word of mouth. They rely on the buzz generated by any dynamic form of interaction on popular networking platforms. Based on a constant interaction with the prospects, and by seeking their inputs as well as feedback, marketers can grasp the sentiment prevailing within the target community. Here are some important factors that further emphasize the link between social media and the role of word of mouth: Continue reading

Importance of sustained social media strategy

Twitter and Facebook are still not fully leveraged as effective social mediums by many corporate entities, largely owing to limited knowledge or lack of awareness. Many marketers still don’t grasp how best to use them other than just to create a buzz. Brand managers still do not allocate necessary budget in order to scale up their efforts and optimize the potential of networking channels. Continue reading

Social sites feed news frenzy

A recent research on shared links of the largest circulated stories in the US on Facebook ranged from some light hearted to acutely thought-provoking issues. They mostly represented the type of news articles and human interest stories that people have been keen to sift through. Continue reading

Enhance your social presence to land a dream job

More and more companies are slashing their budgets on job advertising, instead deciding to divert their recruiting process onto the path of referral hiring and alumni networks. Top HR managers are turning inwards in order to recruit people. In other words, they are drawing on the existing employee’s social contacts to attract the most qualified prospects and to take job vacancy details to candidates. Continue reading