Social media: A new, powerful communication tool for officials

A resolution the Burlington City Council considered in April at first seemed to adopt the traditional form of government measures. “WHEREAS,” it begins in all CAPs. And what came next offered enough hints this was not a mere run-of-the-mill document, though printed on an 8.5” by 11” sheet of paper. Continue reading

Pinterest + Instagram = Pingram

If you are an avid Pinterest and Instagram user, this just might be your dream application. Pingram, the new kid on the block, allows you to snatch the best of both worlds. Pingram allows you to view Instagram photos in the same way you view pin-ups on Pinterest.

It took Gerrano Varriale, an Italian web developer, just about seven hours to create this mashup. The idea hit him when he was trying to find a way to pin his Instagram photo on his virtual pin-board.

The young designer originally designed the app for his personal use. But while coding, he had a change of heart and decided to make it for everyone. The response for this mashup has been so overwhelming that Varriale now spends most of his free time responding to them.

Pingram, however, has a rival – Pinstagram. Created over the weekend by a pair of friends, Pinstagram features larger pictures on certain browsers and better search options. But it is also facing certain glitches in the second week of its launch.

Gerrano Varriale promises more mashups like Pingram in the future but for now, he just wants to focus on extending the features of Pingram. Here’s a video review on it:

Unraveling Instagram valuation mystery

Who has made the biggest gains out of the Instagram deal? And are the reach valuations it got justified? Let us try to see: The app has round about 30 million users on iPhone. The app was just recently launched on Android operating system. Within a week, it chalked up an impressive five million downloads. Still, it indicates that Facebook is valuing each Instagram user at close to $28. Well, cheap, one might feel, given the fact that former enjoys a valuation of $118 per user (on basis of IPO calculations and market worth of $100bn). Continue reading