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Sports and social media now go hand in hand

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Why Making Random Fanpages is an Intelligent Thing To Do

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How Important Are Your Facebook Page Display and Default Landing Tab Option

Facebook Pages are a common sight today. Everyday, several Pages are created on the social networking site on various subjects to draw users and engage with them. However, what is not common in all these Pages is the success factor. By success, I mean the level of engagement, the quality and frequency of post updates, the number of “likes” generated, and the “big idea” that motivates users to want more from the brand.

In the previous post, we discussedhow Nestle is having a difficult time coping up with the pressure added by users. We also learnt some lessons that could help Facebook Marketers play it safe on social media. Now let’s consider the case of Papa John’s, the famous Pizza brand. Like Nestle, Papa John’s too has set its Default View for Wall Settings to “Posts by Page and Fans”. So, what is so different that Papa John’s is doing that has helped it amass such a large number of “likes”. Is the move to keep its wall settings open for fan posts a good strategy for the brand?

Playing the “Lure” Game:

By having a creative FBML (Facebook Markup Language) that encourages users to want more for less is a ploy that has an ever-lasting effect on any Pizza fan. Moreover, with activities like “Pizza Challenge” and “Fan of The Week”, Papa John’s makes sure to attract users and make them “like” the page without seeing what’s happening on its wall, something that lacks on several Facebook Pages. Users coming to your Page for the first time need to be taken through a great experience, before they visit your Wall and find others voicing out their opinions.

Playing it “Safe”:

A large number of popular companies like Levi’s, Walmart, etc.  have set their Default View as “Only Posts by Page” to ensure that they keep control of the Page. On the other hand, there are also companies like Coca-Cola, Honda, etc. who keep their Wall’s display available for Fan posts. So, how would you know when is the right time to set your Default View for Wall Settings to “Posts by Page and Fans”?

While there is no one specific reason to decide upon the settings, following are some important points that you need to keep in mind:

•    No matter how popular your brand is, make sure that you are not involved in any controversy lately. If yes, be humble in your conversation and take control of the Page.

•    If your brand is supporting a cause, or has achieved success all through the years with lots of passionate consumers, you can consider keeping the wall display settings open with fan posts. This is because there is a large possibility that these fans would express positive sentiments about your brand and would become your brand advocates.

•    If your Facebook Page is generic in nature and discusses topics that are universally acceptable, then you can keep your Wall open for discussion and encourage users to communicate with each other. You too can contribute your thoughts and join the conversation if you feel like.

•    Service-sector companies generally prefer to play it safe as they have the customer care department set in place. Hence, it purely depends on your preference about how you would like to set the Wall display setting as. Ideally, it’s better to keep all the complaints and negative sentiments away from the new users coming to your page.

•    Bring all your “to-be” fans to a landing page that is attractive and makes them believe in your brand. Once you accomplish this, there’s hardly any chance that they will not “like” your Page.

Facebook Default Wall and Landing Tab options play a crucial role. Though ultimately people get to add separate messages on your Page even if you restrict their posts from appearing on the Page’s Wall, these messages directly go under the “Just Others” category, which several people do not notice normally.