Search, Social and video dominate the Webscape

Every month Opera undertakes the definitive analysis of major trends influencing the realm of mobile Web across the globe. These findings are published under the head, ‘State of the Mobile Web’ that provide a list of the most widely visited websites, apart from key data metrics plus a snapshot of any given trend as chosen by the from Opera Mini analysis team in that month.

The special focus this time around was on the top sites at the end of 2011 compared to those at the end of 2010. The research team also compared growth rates for Opera Mini (for the time period from November 2010 until November 2011) cutting across different regions worldwide. Below are key findings of report:

  • Broadly speaking, the year gone by was essentially of user-created content (UGC) for users. Sites like Wikipedia and Blogger saw an increase in their number of unique visitors and crept even higher on the charts.
  • India is one of the top two nations with an overall user base of more than 1 million who resort to Opera Mini for surfing on their handsets. The search, video and social websites – Google, YouTube and Facebook remain perched at the top of the list in terms of traffic.
  • With over 144 million people using the browser each month, the top-ten lists are a touch static. Even then, a small change in rankings can signify a major shift in online usage patterns, the report said. Just for record, Orkut,, Detik and Wapdam are no more in the list of global top 20 sites.
  • On the other hand, Wikipedia, Blogger & Spaces witnessed good gains in 2011, doing better as the year progressed. Six handsets entered the top 20 list, which were not there on the list in 2010. Five of them belonged to Nokia handsets and one to Samsung.
  • Latin America recorded the fastest growth from November 2010 until November 2011 (doing so the second year in a row) in terms of Opera Mini users usage (up 247 percent), followed by Africa (145% percent higher) and South Asia (138 percent higher).

The world’s top 20 websites on basis of number of unique users for the year are:
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