NASCAR and Twitter set the tracks on fire

It is obvious NASCAR and Twitter are proving to be a good match, and the latter is working with NASCAR so as to bring diehard fans even closer to the happening track. NASCAR drivers have, as many of you might well be aware, covered a whole lot of ground already this year. Well, they have done it all on Twitter.

Cheering along with all the fellow fans during one of the biggest sporting events previously used to require actually being there in person, or heading to the nearest sports bar at least. Now, Twitter is bringing fans closer to the scene of action, roar of the crowd and also the roar of the whizzing engines.

Almost 41,000 feet up in the air, @JimmieJohnson hosted a live chat with his amazed fans. In a way, NASCAR is putting you, in a way, in the driver’s seat. While taking a whirlwind trip to the White House, the top Sprint Cup racers documented each and every step of their thrilling journey, whereas during the Daytona 500, found himself suddenly stopped on the track, @keselowski shared the view right from the driver’s seat. This was during a fire! And when you check @KaseyKahne making his way around the track, you will view a hashtag just on the back of his car.

While the drivers are engaged in hectic racing in the Pocono 400 On June 10, you will be able to have a closer look of the action as it happens on the ‘beaten’ track with an exclusive experience built around the #NASCAR hashtag on Twitter. As the race unfolds, accounts from the NASCAR universe will be curated, to dig out the best photos and Tweets from the drivers, their friends, families, experts, commentators, fans and celebrities when one searches #NASCAR on

There will be interesting stuff to share, according to Twitter, about their evolving relationship with NASCAR in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, fans have already followed the All-Star race and other events via some of the accounts such as @NASCAR, @JimmieJohnson, @keselowski, @KyleBusch, @KaseyKahne, @JeffGordonWeb, and @KevinHarvick.