A new Web wonder, Wooplr, is making waves

wooplrThough some fledgling brands still remain skeptical of the impact of social media in terms of ROI, a wide array of platforms continue to enter the arena. Over the last few months, a new phenomenon is making a buzz in the social realm. A dynamic social discovery plus shopping avenue, Wooplr provides an exciting opportunity to businesses world over to promote themselves – be it a statement jewelry, artifacts, handbags and so on. What does it do and how exactly does it facilitate social commerce? Let us try to find out: Continue reading

E-commerce websites back on radar of marketers

E-commerce websitesAlmost half of the B2B firms are keen to scale up digital marketing budget, with most of them wanting to increase investment in social media, email marketing, online video as well as search. One more significant asset that seems to be getting the most attention and the highest priority in terms of investment is the E-commerce website. Continue reading

Google+ Communities get more personalized

If you happened to be on Google+ just a day ago, you would probably have discovered another new tab termed ‘Communities’ in the left sidebar. If not let me give a few details about it and what it aims to achieve. The latest feature will allow any user of the popular social site to create both public/private groups that are centered on specific hobbies, topics, interests, or organizations. Continue reading

Which Google+ circles to follow for social media branding and marketing insights?

In the previous post of this series, we have already checked some Google+ circles for social and marketing insights. Apart from those already talked about, you may follow some other popular Google+ circles mentioned below for valuable insights on marketing, digital branding, blogging, and social media trend. Continue reading

No newspapers, Enter social media: US presidency campaigns

From Franklin Roosevelt’s revolutionary usage of radio and embrace of TV by John F. Kennedy, to Ronald Reagan’s smart campaign in the era of video tape and satellites, it has been a race to grasp the power of communications technology in the American presidential elections. In a significant development, the 2012 US presidential campaign is, to a large extent, over who can rule the realm of fast-evolving communications technology. And Barack Obama seems to hold edge over Mitt Romney…. Continue reading

Here’s a new social way to gauge your employees’ sentiment

Yammer, an Enterprise Social Networks provider, has just announced an integration with a known brand, Kanjoya, pioneering a new trend in emotion-aware sentiment analysis. This is aimed at providing data on the perceptions and attitudes of company employees based on their conversational bits from within a Yammer network. Continue reading

3 Lessons Businesses and Professionals Can Learn from Jackie Shroff’s Viral Video

Several years later, Jackie Shroff is back in news! But for wrong reasons! The reason for it is the uncut video which went viral lately, where Jackie Shroff abuses in front of the camera while shooting for a television ad. The video has already crossed over 50,000 views in just a couple of days, thanks to its growing popularity on social media.

While Jackie Shroff, never even in his dreams, might have thought that this would happen; there are a few things businesses and professionals can learn from this incident. Continue reading

What’s so engaging about Engagio?

Social media, as all of us can well see it, is getting extremely fragmented and diverse. So as a user, at given point of time you as a communicator are engaging perhaps with the same people spread across various networks, sites, and commenting systems. In a way, it is increasingly becoming difficult to manage this chaotic multiplicity of scattered touch points. Continue reading

A spotlight on Google’s Jelly Bean Android update

Google well understands what it must do so as to turn Android operating system into a winner for phones & tablets, not only for tech-savvy users but also for laypeople. Instead of simply stuffing complicated features, Android 4.1 focuses on user-friendly simplicity. Jelly Bean, as the system is nicknamed, does not include show-stopping features. But there is Google Now, a worthy competitor to Siri by Apple. Continue reading