5 possible reasons why Twitter followers are deserting you

tweeter talkSo you’ve been assiduously building Twitter presence and have already gained a decent following. But, you find over time that you’re losing them steadily, or those who follow you unfollow afterwards. Why so? Well, odd unfollows are normal; online users change their decisions quickly, at times. However, if you realize you’re losing more of them to your comfort, you need to check out the following possible mistakes that you might be committing: Continue reading

Why Tumblr can score over Twitter and Facebook?

tumblrReal-time, dynamic notifications were among those missing pieces as far as Tumblr was concerned. The social platform has taken a step ahead to add the same to its dashboard with an idea of increasing user engagement. It’s a key feature of social networking websites such as Facebook. Based on one’s point of view, they fall on opposite boundaries of any debate so as to keep everyone in the discussion and are prompted to express an opinion. Continue reading

4 keys for a small business to nurture and sustain social relationships

social mediaJill Nelson, a small business owner, now relies on social networking platforms heavily to tap and expand the client base. Providing services of a virtual receptionist for many professionals including attorneys, she makes use of Google Alerts, Twitter and Facebook to keenly follow their business practices and offer active assistance. Continue reading

How tech-savvy small businesses are leveraging social connections?

small businessA majority of owners of small and medium sized businesses are mostly tied up with managing their daily operations, not finding time and mental space to diversify or expand their ventures. Jeff Cooper though, is an exception, finding enough time to dispatch e-mails wishing his key clients good luck on their important celebration dates like wedding anniversaries and birthdays. He relies on technology to remind himself of these personal milestones. Continue reading

New TweetDeck features bring more insight and flexibility to power users

TweetDeck for Chrome, PC and web has just been updated to new version 2.1, imparting it with several features. The new additions and modifications in its updated version include greater support for the expanded tweets, keyboard shortcuts’ introduction, and ability of editing the search columns. Continue reading

Engage your Twitter followers and Facebook fans for business success – 3 case studies

Thanks to its spread in terms of both depth and breadth, social media, smaller businesses across the globe including yours now possess the crucial ability of deciding what exactly the customers want, seek and aspire for – importantly what they’re ready to pay for the same. Many more aspiring business owners – even running ventures on a smaller, more localized scale, are now using the popular networking channels like Twitter and Facebook for first hand market insight and precise research. In this context, following three case studies will help you enhance your social media strategy. We share the experiences of some of the successful business owners for your benefit: Continue reading

@itisjoey: Success story of a social media microstar

“I’m in today’s issue of The New York Times! Go pick up a copy…” “I’m always really upset when I have to pay an ATM fee. But then I realize that the ATM machine probably has a family to provide for.” “Growing up I always thought that quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be.” A series of quirky tweets such as these have made Joey Mueller an online star. Continue reading

Sounds surprising, but women rule social user base

A known performance monitoring agency, Pingdom has recently released another of its elaborate social media related studies based on demographics data for the US, this time regarding the social demographics – every major social site included in it, except only for Google+. (since it’s not directly monetized as yet, this service doesn’t feature in DoubleClick Ad Planner that Pingdom employs for the data gathering process.) Continue reading