How to make the most of LinkedIn for a dream job?

working professionalsIn today’s lean times, looking for a job can get challenging. You cannot limit your search to offline channels and agencies. Networking on the Internet has become essential. In fact, you must use all possible resources and avenues that are available. When it comes to job search, many professionals tend to often ignore or underutilize LinkedIn. We discuss ways to ensure you are in a position to make the best possible use of the world’s most powerful site to land a dream job for yourself. Continue reading

How to boost your ROI with Facebook’s new conversion tracking feature?

facebook conversionsAn important public announcement recently made by Facebook about its new dynamic conversion measurement/optimization method has opened up opportunities for businesses that use the platform. It can be the perfect tool for any direct marketer keen to underline an ad campaign’s ROI. Here is a quick guide to understand its features and functions: Continue reading

Why must professionals boost their LinkedIn presence?

professionalsIf you are a rising professional, seeking a lucrative job opportunity, this is perhaps the most perfect turn in your journey. Each year, there are new trends. Same goes for the job market. You should be aware of them so as to reinvigorate and propel your efforts. Once you know what’s going to be buzz in the near future, you can consider a totally different perspective and work out new strategies. Continue reading

4 keys for a small business to nurture and sustain social relationships

social mediaJill Nelson, a small business owner, now relies on social networking platforms heavily to tap and expand the client base. Providing services of a virtual receptionist for many professionals including attorneys, she makes use of Google Alerts, Twitter and Facebook to keenly follow their business practices and offer active assistance. Continue reading

How tech-savvy small businesses are leveraging social connections?

small businessA majority of owners of small and medium sized businesses are mostly tied up with managing their daily operations, not finding time and mental space to diversify or expand their ventures. Jeff Cooper though, is an exception, finding enough time to dispatch e-mails wishing his key clients good luck on their important celebration dates like wedding anniversaries and birthdays. He relies on technology to remind himself of these personal milestones. Continue reading

Tweak your digital campaigns, go mobile in 2013

media convergenceThe communication landscape is fast changing even as users move from desktops to accessing information and conducting transactions on the move via mobiles. In fact, digital marketers cannot afford to ignore this significant occurrence, especially with tablets making their presence all-pervasive than it was ever before. Continue reading

3 game-changers for social landscape in 2013

social media landscapeSocial sites have greatly revolutionized the pattern of business and personal communications. Keeping this in mind, business entities, big or small, will need to get their act together and get more judicious on social media. Unless they get it right, they won’t get the desired results. The networks, now stagnating a touch, will require to continue their worldwide expansion, and to empower more people. Higher education, thankfully will embrace them with greater force. Continue reading