Valuable insights on social media users’ behavioral and purchasing pattern

Many feel social media has reached maturity, whereas few skeptics believe it is fast reaching saturation. Behavioral shifts in terms of communication and engagement are shifting and many proven concepts are already a thing of the good old past? Recent findings courtesy Blogworld New York affirm some of our assumptions about the social world. A team of researchers led by an expert on social media behavior, Tom Webster at Edison Research reveal some interesting facts about how America’s Internet population use as well as consume scattered social media universe. Continue reading

Sounds surprising, but women rule social user base

A known performance monitoring agency, Pingdom has recently released another of its elaborate social media related studies based on demographics data for the US, this time regarding the social demographics – every major social site included in it, except only for Google+. (since it’s not directly monetized as yet, this service doesn’t feature in DoubleClick Ad Planner that Pingdom employs for the data gathering process.) Continue reading

A resource to know what’s clicking in web video world

YouTube Trends is a destination for some of the latest video trends or trending videos on the popular sharing site. It acts as a complete resource for insight into what’s clicking in web video. By using viewership data and then aggregating the intelligence of top curators, the avenue surfaces most popular video content in real time, apart from providing an analysis of broader trends that are developing within the community. Continue reading

4 most watched videos this March

An unusual Web Video holiday, another unusual musical instrument (floppy disk drives), and Super Tuesday were some of the most watched videos on YouTube this month. These clips were in spotlight apart from March Midwest Tornadoes, The New Classical: YouTube showcase of New Music in Old Styles as well as the Popular Trailers of 2012: Avengers, Hunger Games. We take a quick look at the top 4: Continue reading

Search, Social and video dominate the Webscape

Every month Opera undertakes the definitive analysis of major trends influencing the realm of mobile Web across the globe. These findings are published under the head, ‘State of the Mobile Web’ that provide a list of the most widely visited websites, apart from key data metrics plus a snapshot of any given trend as chosen by the from Opera Mini analysis team in that month. Continue reading