Role of social media in brand building

Unfortunately, the tendency of certain short-sighted entrepreneurs is: ‘If I build it (online presence), user will come and things will simply take care of themselves!’ If you ask me, things never pan out that way. Users won’t be dropping in or won’t be sticking around for long, if you are not giving them what they want or expect. Continue reading

3 game-changers for social landscape in 2013

social media landscapeSocial sites have greatly revolutionized the pattern of business and personal communications. Keeping this in mind, business entities, big or small, will need to get their act together and get more judicious on social media. Unless they get it right, they won’t get the desired results. The networks, now stagnating a touch, will require to continue their worldwide expansion, and to empower more people. Higher education, thankfully will embrace them with greater force. Continue reading

Add a dash of fun to taste success on social media

Why most business entities – small or big – tend to get social media communications wrong? What is that they need to reconsider and which steps they should be taking to change their thought process while implementing social strategies? We shall discuss some key aspects including common misconceptions or mistakes marketers make. Continue reading

Monitor and manage your social media interaction: why and how?

Measuring social engagement and tapping relevant interests holds the key for your business to stay ahead of competition and accessing active followers of. Your social media presence must be proactive and responsive through timely conversation with your prospects because that’s something, which will keep them engaged. For this, following are the critical components of your social interaction that need to be properly addressed: Continue reading

Professionals take lessons in social media

At the Graduate School of Journalism in Columbia, professor Sree Sreenivasan who has been imparting lessons in digital journalism for over a decade, started continuing education courses in social media about a year ago with a goal to make people think about what they do and how they do things on social media. Continue reading

What made the Golden Tweet Award winner in 2011 ‘click’?

Twitter declares the Golden Tweet Award at this time of the year. It’s a special honor that goes to a tweet, not only the one most retweeted, but also leaving a major impact when it comes to a larger social good. The award for 2011 has been given to a seemingly innocuous tweet courtesy Wendy’s, prompting the users to retweet for a unique cause. Continue reading

Link between search, social traffic and shopping

Visits to Twitter and Facebook were likely to yield chatter about Black Friday sales, out-of-stock items, parking troubles and long lines. The volume of Black Friday dialogue was 110% more than that recorded last year. There was a marked improvement in positive sentiment in anticipation for Cyber Monday. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing Tactics

The rise of social media in recent past has had a tremendous effect on the overall media and marketing sector. It is a fact that social media has become one of the most important marketing tool and that every company (multinational to regional) has recognized for its material success.

The scope of social media is huge and to an extent, undiscovered. This is the reason many marketing companies fruit in the opportunity of experimenting with social media.

Social media optimization is not a popularity contest

If you have a business and are participating in social media networking, you might get a lot of requests on Facebook and twitter. These requests are usually from other companies and fake profiles who have either liked your page or have followed you. To be honest, you will never get benefited from these fake profiles. You will never have a business relationship with these people, neither will they help you in networking.

Social media networking does not depends on how popular your page or your profile is. Social media networking is a marketing strategy and until and unless you are getting returns on your investments, it will not be useful.

Number of followers and likes do not describe the level of your success on social media websites. It is necessary for making your brand and company popular, but it will only help if you are reaching the right audience.

Choose your market wisely

Many people will disagree on the possibility of finding a market and audience on networking websites. It is obvious that there are variety of people from different race, tradition and region. If you ask me, I favour a more selective and mutually beneficial social media tactics. One must be able to recognise the real market which can help your company gain practical popularity and can help your sales.

Social media is considered as a platform which brings people, businesses and organizations closer and together with a mutual interest. The interests may vary from sharing information/experiences, marketing, building reputation etc. Most of businesses look at media optimization as a mechanism to promote their business, and there is nothing wrong with that. The point here is the race of getting highest likes and having maximum followers is shallow and does not helps your company and your brand in the long run.

Times have changed, and so has Internet marketing strategies

We all are familiar with the term “Spamming” wherein companies used internet to force their way into people’s computers. The era of spam marketing is behind us because companies failed to understand the proper use of social media and underestimated the power of consumers. Today, hardly anyone cares to look at a pop up and barely visits the website which forces pop ups.

Social media is a way which can help you gain web traffic and attention to your websites but until and unless this attention is from the right sources, it will not be useful to you and your company. There is no point in trying to sell snow to Eskimos.

Search, consider and select who you follow and who you connect with.



Ever had the flu? When your nose starts competing with the kitchen tap and mimics Rudolf the reindeer? It’s a pain in all the wrong places, and the worst part is how quickly it spreads. I had to be celibate for a fortnight the last time I had it. Coming to the point, the flu is nothing but a small virus. A organism so primitive, it’s almost non-living. Here we take a leaf out of the virus’s book, so to say (I hope they aren’t actually reading. The last thing we want is for them to get smarter). Using small, seemingly innocent pieces of media we reach millions of prospective consumers.

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