5 possible reasons why Twitter followers are deserting you

tweeter talkSo you’ve been assiduously building Twitter presence and have already gained a decent following. But, you find over time that you’re losing them steadily, or those who follow you unfollow afterwards. Why so? Well, odd unfollows are normal; online users change their decisions quickly, at times. However, if you realize you’re losing more of them to your comfort, you need to check out the following possible mistakes that you might be committing: Continue reading

Facebook redesign to lure brands and advertisers

facebook redesignKeen to control the information blaze, which has apparently turned off several users and also discouraged a section of advertisers, the world’s social networking giant has unveiled a makeover of its home page. The major design change of the News Feed will present larger photographs and links, as well as will allow users to get specialized streams largely focused on popular topics such as music plus posts by friends. Continue reading

How to make the most of LinkedIn for a dream job?

working professionalsIn today’s lean times, looking for a job can get challenging. You cannot limit your search to offline channels and agencies. Networking on the Internet has become essential. In fact, you must use all possible resources and avenues that are available. When it comes to job search, many professionals tend to often ignore or underutilize LinkedIn. We discuss ways to ensure you are in a position to make the best possible use of the world’s most powerful site to land a dream job for yourself. Continue reading

A new Web wonder, Wooplr, is making waves

wooplrThough some fledgling brands still remain skeptical of the impact of social media in terms of ROI, a wide array of platforms continue to enter the arena. Over the last few months, a new phenomenon is making a buzz in the social realm. A dynamic social discovery plus shopping avenue, Wooplr provides an exciting opportunity to businesses world over to promote themselves – be it a statement jewelry, artifacts, handbags and so on. What does it do and how exactly does it facilitate social commerce? Let us try to find out: Continue reading

Why Tumblr can score over Twitter and Facebook?

tumblrReal-time, dynamic notifications were among those missing pieces as far as Tumblr was concerned. The social platform has taken a step ahead to add the same to its dashboard with an idea of increasing user engagement. It’s a key feature of social networking websites such as Facebook. Based on one’s point of view, they fall on opposite boundaries of any debate so as to keep everyone in the discussion and are prompted to express an opinion. Continue reading

E-commerce websites back on radar of marketers

E-commerce websitesAlmost half of the B2B firms are keen to scale up digital marketing budget, with most of them wanting to increase investment in social media, email marketing, online video as well as search. One more significant asset that seems to be getting the most attention and the highest priority in terms of investment is the E-commerce website. Continue reading