4 most watched videos this March

An unusual Web Video holiday, another unusual musical instrument (floppy disk drives), and Super Tuesday were some of the most watched videos on YouTube this month. These clips were in spotlight apart from March Midwest Tornadoes, The New Classical: YouTube showcase of New Music in Old Styles as well as the Popular Trailers of 2012: Avengers, Hunger Games. We take a quick look at the top 4:

An unusual musical instrument

Unlikely Musical Instruments Performances involving unusual and off-beat musical instruments have remained a YouTube staple for quite some time, but over the last few months, the site has started to see more of a rather strange ‘instrument’ that is being used for creating tunes: old floppy disk drives.

YouTube witnessed a major spike in searches for the term ‘floppy drive’ especially starting October 2011 after the Star Wars ‘Imperial March’ first went viral. It was made at a university by Polish science students. In fact, is has been seen more than 4.3 million times.

‘Pi Day’ celebration

Did you know that March 14 this year (3.14) was ‘Pi Day’ – a day some people may remember from geometry class, but now it has managed to find a new wave of following online, as lovers of science and math produce all sorts of “Pi”-related content routinely on this obscure holiday. Over 1,000 videos tagged for the term were uploaded during that particular week.

KONY 2012

In the second week of March the 30 minute documentary, KONY 2012, produced by ‘Invisible Children’, hugely dominated most social media feeds. It was, by all means, among the most-viewed videos on the site. The clip that has already has viewed over 75 million times stands for unprecedented popularity for any non-profit video thus far. Viewing peaked on one day with 31 million views, coinciding with what appeared to be the highest social activity period around the clip.

Super Tuesday: the Most seen GOP Videos

March 6 was the Super Tuesday in the US with not less than 10 states simultaneously holding their primary elections to help decide which of the Republican candidates would be chosen to run against Barack Obama this Fall for the Presidency. YouTube research team went through the whole data pile and noticed that videos posted via the official GOP candidate channels were seen more than 40 million times right since last the beginning of last June. And taking a quick look at the topmost viewed clips in the bunch revealed that Governor Rick Perry was the one who drew the most attention.