A guaranteed way to boost Facebook EdgeRank of your brand

Optimizing news feed for it to bump up the Facebook EdgeRank of your brand is, of course, a complex area than you would think at the outset. As you proceed, you realize that the finer points of the process vary with each industry, domain, each individual brand proposition, and the sort of content that it posts apart from its fans base. In this post, we shall discuss one assured way of enhancing the EdgeRank for your brand and a few useful steps to derive a better outcome. Continue reading

Which Google+ circles to follow for social media branding and marketing insights?

In the previous post of this series, we have already checked some Google+ circles for social and marketing insights. Apart from those already talked about, you may follow some other popular Google+ circles mentioned below for valuable insights on marketing, digital branding, blogging, and social media trend. Continue reading

Check these must-visit Google+ circles for social and marketing insights

It’s a given fact that most marketers usually depend on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter  to grasp what’s happening in their respective industry. However, quite a few inadvertently ignore the potential of Google+ as a handy news resource. By adding important names to your own circle and keeping track of the different shared circles that others curate on the social site can sure help feed you requisite content. Continue reading

Is your Facebook page failing to click? ‘Follow’ these tips

So you believe you have now got a perfect Facebook page up and running for your fledgling brand. Now you are diligently managing it and regularly posting new content to the page. You are gathering substantial ‘Likes’ and getting a good amount of comments as well. But are you still missing a trick or two and feel as if something is amiss! What is it? Continue reading

Ensuring brand visibility now a major challenge for social marketers

With every alteration or adjustment that Facebook makes, anxious marketers must learn to adapt, a recent eMarketer report mentions. Facebook Marketing in terms of reaching out to prospects has become challenging in a dynamic environment. The popular social platform has introduced several marketing tools, such as Timeline for all brand pages; Reach Generator, Sponsored Stories, and other ad offerings, which include regular posts; apart from metrics beyond just counting fans by incorporating into measurements reach, sharing, engagement etc. Continue reading

Why cannot marketers ignore the Reddit AMA phenomenon?

President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign trail created flutter through a curious online community a few weeks ago. He was standing before the eagerly awaiting digital crowds assembled on the platform of Reddit.com. “Hi, I’m Barack Obama, president of the United States. Ask me anything.” Had a similar call for random questions had been rung out across Twitter or Facebook, it perhaps would not have generated such a stir. The social sites have served a major role in the last few presidential elections, including this one. But Reddit? Continue reading

Bigger brands actively pursue microblogging to engage customers

More and more brands, including the large and established companies, are now turning to social media channels to push and enhance their brand identity online, a study report compiled by the Center for Marketing Research at the Massachusetts Dartmouth University. This marks a distinct change from the report findings last year that had found usage of new media at bigger companies somewhat waning. Continue reading

How to leverage social search to improve your brand visibility and site rank?

The norms of search seem to have undergone a change with advent of social media. In fact, the rules have changed dramatically since the arrival of social networking platforms in the search realm. The various popular social sites, especially Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have emerged as backlink central to effect organic search strategy. Continue reading

Valuable insights on social media users’ behavioral and purchasing pattern

Many feel social media has reached maturity, whereas few skeptics believe it is fast reaching saturation. Behavioral shifts in terms of communication and engagement are shifting and many proven concepts are already a thing of the good old past? Recent findings courtesy Blogworld New York affirm some of our assumptions about the social world. A team of researchers led by an expert on social media behavior, Tom Webster at Edison Research reveal some interesting facts about how America’s Internet population use as well as consume scattered social media universe. Continue reading

Learn to engage and empower prospects through social media

Increasingly, tech-savvy consumers want businesses to communicate with them through new media channels.  Brands of all sizes, reach and belonging to different domains have slowly but surely started investing in social campaigns. There is a growing realization of the fact that presence on social media invariably connotes customer friendliness, innovation and more that that a sense of being ‘cool’. It can act as an able intermediary between and organizations and their prospects, to initiate a two-way conversation, create goodwill, build trust, and forge lasting relationships. Continue reading