The Many Different Functions of ‘@’ on Twitter

Gone are the days long back when ‘@’ was only used for e-mails. Today, people also use ‘@’ on Twitter – the fastest growing and the most popular micro-blogging site – in many different ways. This article will not only help you understand the different functions of ‘@’ on Twitter, but also understand its relevance with the help of situations and examples. Continue reading

Beat the Limit – Post Status Updates Exceeding 500 Characters on Facebook

Recently, Facebook generously increased the maximum length of status updates from 420 characters to 500. Though this comes as good news to many, but what about those who still want to express themselves beyond 500 characters on Facebook or want to squeeze in an important update on their Business Page, but do not want to express it in a Facebook Note?  Continue reading

Public Gets Vocal on Social Media to Support Anna Hazare

What happens when a sizeable percentage of 1 billion+ population use social media to support a cause, a leader and a movement? It leads to a SOCIAL REVOLUTION! Cashing in this support through social media is Anna Hazare, an Indian social activist, who is recognized for his on-going fight against corruption. The 74 year old crusader has amassed a tremendous support for his campaign against corruption in the social media world, across popular networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to video-sharing sites such as YouTube, to various discussion areas and blogs.  Continue reading

Why You Must Start Creating Your Social Media Content for Mobile Users

As per Facebook’s latest statistics, there are more than 250 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. Also, people who use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on the social network than non-mobile users. According to a research conducted by Compete, 43% of Twitter account holders utilize the service through a mobile device, and are more likely to engage than other social media platforms. YouTube claims that the video-sharing site gets over 320M views a day (up 3x year/year), which represents 10% of the daily views. Continue reading