Coming Soon

An attempt at predicting the future of Social Media brings us to the notion of a more personalized experience. In the next few years, our dependability and want for social media will be intensified to the extent that it becomes ubiquitous. At the same time our off-line social lives will slowly eliminate to a mere nothing. Social Media will come as whole. Here, the movie Matrix comes to our minds. Continue reading

Word of E-mouth

Social media has witnessed a recent boom in viral marketing. Business concerns across the world are beginning to realize the upward leverage the social medium has to offer. A further viral dimension to the same and you’re accelerated towards a bounty of high-end returns. Who’d turn their backs on that! Continue reading

Ohh it didn’t work! Ever thought why???

No invention, process, application or idea is of use if not used properly. Social media marketing is one such idea. Although there are many brands that have gained success through Social Media Optimization, this idea has not worked for many others, not because social media is incapable of doing it right, but because brands have not done it right. Continue reading

They are successful, thanks to social media campaigns

We in digital advertising for sure know about the wonders of social media. The best part about social media sites is that they help businesses communicate with their consumers and thus catch the pulse of the market. Besides, consumers can also complain and share their grievances with the companies, helping them to connect directly with their customers. Customer interaction will also help brands enhance their products and services. Continue reading